• - IKKO is perseverant. He doesn’t give up until fulfilling a challenge.
  • - He’s a “lone wolf” warrior, always working alone.
  • - Honor is his main purpose. Always defending the innocent.
  • - He’s not a leader, but he is an example for everybody from his world.


IKKO lives in a world called Komorebi (meaning sunlight through leaves). This world is stuck in the middle ages of their universe. Everything is an alternate version of feudal Japan, with large rock and wood buildings, shrines, small towns, and different societies. His companion is a magic sword called Haru (meaning Spring) that can control time and increases his speed with an inserted rune. IKKO comes from a humble peasant family. His dad is called Hiroshi (Generous, ironically) and his mom is called Ren (Lotus). His brother, Touma (Iron), died in one of the great wars of the world. In this world, each town and family are at a constant war between each other. It is almost tradition to go to war to settle territories and commercial routes. It is tradition to fight, and as his brother was one of the best warriors, his father pushes him hard to bring honor back to their family.

The name IKKO means fragment, which represents how he feels somehow incomplete all the time. His main goal is honor, but he gets frustrated easily because not everything goes according to plan. His brother was the previous wielder of Haru. By family tradition, the eldest sibling goes to war with each one of the family's swords. Each family in this world has its own magic sword. Touma had spent most of his life training to be capable of handling the power of the family’s sword and be an honorable soldier, becoming an important General. Because of his brother’s death, IKKO is the next to wield the sword. But he doesn’t want to. He believes he is too clumsy to fight with a special weapon, let alone fight with a magic one. But war is in its worst moment, and they need as many recruits as possible. His father won’t let him have another family dishonor after his brother’s defeat. So, he must go to war. When IKKO is worthy, he will use the sacred ORANGE power robes, the WHITE dexterity tunic, and the BLUE speed boots.