• KING BROKY will encourage everyone to achieve their goals.
  • He has a distant mood and lives a solitary celebrity life.
  • He explodes with fire when angry, giving him power.
  • Always up to a challenge.


BROKY lives on a planet called DIRT. Where the water is pink and the lands are red. The mountains have brown snow and the sky is greenish blue. It's like a human world, with cities and transportation, except it isn't. Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Tennis are sacred. Everybody likes sports in this monster world. BROKY is known as the KING thanks to his amazing performance as the professional team’s pitcher, quarterback, basketball, and tennis player. He has photos with mayors, presidents, the key of the city, and some of his fans. His very big fandom is named “Brookihans” and he has a sports drink brand named Brokale. His other powers are: Summoning a tennis ice racket, a basketball faster than the wind, and an earthquake maker football.

KING BROKY has no family, only his team, the Ice Coolers (a global team that plays many different sports). His first love was the field and the ball is his mantra. He started playing baseball, basketball, tennis, and football with his mustache at the age of 1. Legend says that he arrived in a baseball bat shaped ship, a thousand years ago, and descended upon his followers as the next sport star. The real story is that as a kid, he saw a great comet crash on the fields of the orphanage. The comet came from another dimension. Inside the ship there were a lot of sports materials. Different types of balls, bats, and rackets. He instantly fell in love with them.