• TX1 is a bounty hunter. Has an inner dilemma about what it takes to be a real human, and not just a half-machine human that destroys bad guys when ordered.
  • He is really silent, doesn’t talk unless is very needed.


TX1’s real name is Tayler. He is an ex-military cadet from the 9th division of an Earth where lightmass travel was discovered, advancing humanity thousands of years in technology. But, as technology advanced, so did greed. With this, the war of the worlds came. Every nation-world built their armies and started to fight each other. Soldiers were no longer born; they were created artificially. Tayler was one of them.

The whole situation needed a solution, and thus, the Astral Federation was created. A universal power that promised to centralize the leadership of the galaxy. The war ended, but there were rebels who didn’t want to be part of this new galactic order. Tayler lost his entire desire to continue his military service in the Astral Federation when he was ordered to shoot against rebel civilians. He didn't want to. Instead, he hit his commander and ran with the civilians, helping them evacuate and disobeying direct orders. He became a fugitive. That’s why he built his own renegade armor, with different abilities and powers, covering his eyes and changing his name to TX1. He is not a hero, but knows the difference between right and wrong. He became a bounty hunter, following only his own rules.

In one of his contracts, he discovers an ancient civilization called The Masters (ancient worshippers of The Great Ones and believers of the First Universe). He touched one of the ruins and had an epiphany: He needed to become the protector of the galaxy. He met his mentor: Caddarick (One of The Great Ones). His armor was instantly upgraded with integrated ancient weapons. The full potential of these ancient parts hasn’t been unlocked. He needs to demonstrate his worthiness first by becoming more human. When he is worthy, he will unlock the Power Fists to fight with his hands.