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SAPB - Black

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About this item:

Are you tired of having to hold your cell phone during video conferences, not hearing the speaker well, or having to connect a charging cable to your cell phone, not having a multi-use stand, having it run out of battery when it's on your desk or on the go, or all of the above? The SAPB solves all these problems for you. BT5 designed it for you. 

The SAPB is the new and patented technological accessory for use with all cell phones that solves several problems, such as: 

  • double the sound of the cell phone speakers without consuming energy 
  • redirect sound to the front no matter if the phone is vertical, horizontal, or tilted 
  • charge most cell phones up to 3 times wirelessly in any position -- as long as the phone has this charging option 
  • simultaneously charge other wired devices using USB-C or USB-A ports 
  • use phones with most plastic covers -- they don't have to be removed to connect to the SAPB 
  • the SAPB has a locking system that holds the cell phone to the device at the sound input port. It also has a magnet on the stand – the Magsafe – which helps complete stability while using the cell phone with the SAPB in any position. 
  • and all of the above integrated into a small portable unit, leather covered, easy to use, of high-end modern look, and in vibrant colors! 

The SAPB serves as a system for group conferences, and only requires a cell phone. 

If you want to lighten the weight of electronic equipment when you leave home for a meeting with other online participants, the small SAPB is the solution. 

The SAPB is the newest and most efficient conference and entertainment system on the market, and it is now available for pre-order. Buy now and get discount! 


Technical Specifications

Product Type 

Portable Sound Amplifier and Power Bank HUB 



Product Name 




Sound Amp 

Passive, up to 2 times the cell phone’s speaker volume 

Power Bank 

Rechargeable Li-ion built-in battery of 10,000 mAh 

Battery status 

LED indicator x4 

Wireless Antenna 

Qi 15W with Magsafe 


1 button with LED for wireless charging 

Power input 

USB-C port 

Power output 

1xUSB-C and 1xUSB-A ports 

Cell phone Stand 

4 positions: tilt, vertical, horizontal, and folded 


Leather for the cover, and ABS for the plastics 


6.5''L x 3.3''W x 1.4''H 

Net weight 

350gr approx. 

Number of pieces 


Batteries required? 



SAPB supports most brands and models of smartphones with wireless charging capabilities. Check your phone fits the SAPB's input speaker port to get the highest sound amplification. Consult the SAPB catalog or contact us for more information. 



Manufacturer Warranty 

1 Year limited warranty 


BT5 Technologies [USA] 


Designed in USA / Made in China 

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